I've always been a dog lover but that doesn't mean I understood dog behavior when I brought my first dog, Little Guy, home at 22. He was a pretty good dog, I lucked out big time. A few years later a dog named Titan landed in my life. He was the worst (and the best) dog in the whole world. I sought help but every trainer we worked with recommended euthanasia. One day, a post about Cesar Milan's new show, Cesar 911 popped up in my Facebook feed. I filled out that application and the rest is history (except not really, thanks to a variety of streaming services). My experience left me with a thirst for knowledge and understanding. I refinanced my house and gave up my lucrative corporate career to learn about dogs. It was a gamble that worked out well for me. I built a really amazing training company that I'm so proud of, Dogs of Scottsdale, and started Arizona's first pack walk program.
My work life accelerated and business was good, then the world shut down. I was so grateful for a break. My husband and I were newlyweds and enthusiastically jumped at the chance to start a family. I had a huge pack of dogs and baby on the way. I started hiring employees, researching nanny's, wondering if I could convince my snowbird parents to be here year round to help. In the end, I was a week overdue, so ready to meet her, and my doctor told me to walk her out. Obviously, she hadn't gotten the memo about my day job.

When our daughter arrived, I discovered that babies ARE actually a lot like dogs. They like routines and structure and get frustrated when they aren't able to communicate what they need. I was able to lean into the philosophy I had been using for over a decade with dogs.
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My philosophy has three components:
  1. Space is respect.
  2. Know what you want.
  3. Start teaching early.

These three components helped me develop the Four Levels of Freedom. The Four Levels of Freedom will help you create a plan for every situation. Whether it is what to do with your dog(s) when you bring the baby home for the first time, what to do when guests come to meet the baby, or how to keep your cool when your babe starts walking - I've got you covered.

While it is good to have a healthy understanding that our dogs world is about to change drastically, you don't need to feel uncertain or overwhelmed by a new baby joining your family. The Baby Pack Leader course is here to help you feel secure in creating that beautiful relationship. I invite you to lean into my philosophy the same way I did. We can create that incredible dog and tot relationship together.
True Crime Podcasts. My faves are Crime Junkies, The Deck, Counter Clock and Park Predators - so basically, anything by produced by Ashley Flowers.
Yoga Pants! Lululemon Fast & Free's are the only pants that stay dog hair free. Beyond Yoga are the softest and most comfortable maternity pants on the planet.
Bluey (Yes, the childrens' show) and Stranger Things. You couldn't find two more different shows but they are both equally enjoyable and for totally different reasons. 
Andaz Scottsdale! I love almost anywhere with a pool but I love this pool the most. The rooms are so easy to stay in with our baby and they DOG FRIENDLY!
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