The baby's arrival will mean a change in routine, exercise, shared space and rules. This will be a breeze to begin practicing before baby has arrived. If you have learned that your dog may not be as "baby ready" as you thought, you have come to the right place. The Four Levels of freedom can be taught at any stage in baby development and at any age for the dog!
Aileen will assess your dog's behavior, identify potential concerns, and develop effective strategies to address any troublesome behaviors. By fostering a secure environment for your child, we create a harmonious coexistence with your beloved canine companion.
The 8 Video Module Course
         - Introduction
         - Nose, Eyes, Ears
         - The Four Levels of Freedom
         - So we have a baby, now what?
         - Master the Stroller Walk
         - Tummy Time
         - Physical Touch
         - Intro to Food and a High Chair
If you are pregnant or have a dog that will be around someone else's child, you WILL benefit from the information shared in this course. If you already have a baby and are struggling, you will benefit from this course. If you have children and are adding a puppy or adult dog to the family, you will benefit from this course.
Yes, even if your dog has always done well with kids outside the home, living with one full time is an entirely different experience. A lot of injuries are accidental and even an overly friendly or excited dog can scare a child.
I like to say that it's never too late to start training your dog. However, if your dog has bitten, growled at, or displayed other aggressive and controlling behaviors towards children. Please book the consultation package. In our call, we can go over options or get you in touch with a local behaviorist who can help you.
Your dog is always learning whether you are intentionally teaching them or not. This course teaches patterns and a lifestyle rather than sessions of training. You'll call on these skills throughout the day (and night) with your baby!