Bringing home your baby for the first time can feel so nerve wracking and exciting. As you approach your due date, you start to wonder who will take care of the dog, how the dog will feel about the newest addition to the family and how you can manage both dog and newborn while recovering and making it through your first sleepless nights. They say it takes a village to care for your family and dogs are a part of the family, so we want to be a part of your village. 

This intensive 21 day program is designed for families that are expecting a baby or bringing a dog into a home with children. We train your dog to be calm around children and develop the skills required to be a great family pet including crate training, place work, thresholds, stroller walking, family feeding routines, physical touch with babies, toddler, and children. Conducted in Aileen's home with her family.

Cost: $4500
Duration: 21 days

Boarding is available in our home in Mesa, AZ. The dogs enjoy a peaceful environment with consistent rules where they can play, socialize, and be stress-free. This service includes complimentary transportation of your pet to and from your home, two “baby/toddler” training sessions, one on one session to introduce your baby to your dog.

Cost: $750 per dog
Duration: 5 days